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August 28, 2013 by diplomatiepublica

Dan Dima NewspaperBecause, yesterday and the day before yesterday, the commentators rushed to testify snoring about an imminent war  in Syria, I think it is necessary to clarify some issues.

First, of course, beyond being purely a military specific event with dramatic consequences on the humanitarian field, a war in Syria will not be “a source” of popular television shows like past episodes Afghanistan, Iraq, etc..

This happens primarily because from the communication perspective, the war, this time, got a very long waiting period – thus losing “the alignment” of the worldwide news consumers, and on the other hand, that because the main mobilizing public witch gave the “attention tone”, at least, the American public, seems to support the idea of only a clash in an unprecedented small proportion – about 9%.
That being the problem, I’m afraid that including regional and international information channels will maximum dose the information, so to be satisfied the normal communicative management war requirements, but equally, permanent weighing this information to not bored or worst, to hostile the broad audiences, disinterested by topic today.

The direct consequences of this situation can lead to an exaggeration of war images witch illustrate the news about tragedy, but I assessed that there will be not enough for a  natural  and total commitment to engage the international public opinion.

Now, from a purely technical point of view, to produce natural and effective public engagement is needed, in proportionate stages, the completion of the road: AWARENESS – ALIGNMENT – ENGAGEMENT – ACTION. Well, in this case, if the period of “awareness” was unusually long, because of this was lost the “alignment” of the people and their engagement is not definite. Consequently, the action itself is likely to occur, if it occurs, in the absence of a commitment to support, a support so necessary for legitimizing gesture of strength.

From what I wrote above, show that the solution of communication is not (the common solution) the involving a credible third party package to confirm the legitimacy of an action after the fact, but to assess the opportunity to get the alignment from procedures that …. sure, it’s a consultancy subject so….is not for free.

Dan Dima





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